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An introduction to fly fishing and casting. This learn to fly fish lesson is 6 hours in duration, combing both casting instruction and actual fishing, all on the banks of the world famous Grand River. Designed to give the first time fly caster all the basic techniques for fly fishing, as well as on-the-water coaching under real fishing conditions. By the end of the course, you will have the baisc skills and experience to confidently embark on the great sport of fly fishing.

All equipment provided.

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Here is a sample schedule (content can be adjusted based on client needs)


Introduction to fly fishing equipment

We will cover the rods, reels, and fly fishing lines used in our waters. This will help you make an informed selection of the equipment needed to match  the species you want to catch and the waters you fish.

What makes the fly rod work

Fly fishing gear works on different principles than regular fishing tackle.   You will learn how the rod casts the line. An understanding of how the fly rod and line were designed to work together will give you a big head start when you are learning (or relearning) to cast.


Basic casting instruction

Normally the most difficult part of learning to fly fish. Our step-by-step learn-to-cast technique will shorten your learning curve by six months.


Hooking, playing and releasing fish

So now you can get your fly to the fish. What to do when the fish takes your fly? We will take the mystery out of hooking, fighting, landing, and releasing your fish. We will also cover the techniques for getting a nice photograph while minimizing the stress on the fish.


Complimentary riverside lunch


What's hatching?

Some species, especially trout, will focus on a specific food source. Fly selection can be vital to your success. To know what the fish are eating, we need to look for the clues. We will demonstrate what to look for and how to “match the hatch” with the right fly.


Basic casting review


Reading the water

The majority of fish will be holding in a small perecentage of the water. We will cover the steps to finding the good water, and then locating holding or actively feeding fish.


The big three

We have three basic methods of fly fisihng on rivers and streams. Dry fly fishing is the most popular, but not always the most effective.  Learn nymph and streamer techniques that are still effective when the fish aren’t rising for dry flies.



You now have the skills, spend the next hour fishing.  We will be in the background, ready to help as needed.


  • Your valid Ontario fishing license
  • A baseball cap or suitable hat with visor
  • Polarized sunglasses

Check Rates and Terms for pricing, and Contact Us for booking or more information.

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