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Southern Ontario has some of the best freshwater fly fishing in North America with reasonable access from a major metropolitan area. Add in a wide range of waters, both warmwater and coldwater species, steelhead and salmon runs, and you will see see why we are so proud of our waters and work very hard to protect them. And if that wasn't enough: the Southern Ontario river system is one of the few places on the planet where muskie can be targeted and consistently caught on the fly.

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Bayfield River

We concentrate on the Bayfield when the Maitland is not fishable for steelhead. The Bayfield is a small meandering river that produces good catches when the conditions are right.

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Upper Beaver River

We concentrate mainly on the upper reaches for resident brown trout. This is an amazing little river that will make you work for every fish, even the small trout have a PhD on all patterns ever tied and will follow your presentation a long way just to refuse your offering. Good fun for the advanced fly angler.

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Bighead River

The Bighead River is a medium sized steelhead river with a great run of fish. A classic freestone river that fishes well in high water, the Bighead can get popular, so you need to be willing to share the water when the steelhead are running. Steelhead in the 4-8 pound range are common, with fish up to 10 pounds possible.

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Camp Creek

Camp creek is finally rebounding from a spill that decimated the brown trout several years ago. This is a limited access river with brook, brown and rainbow trout available to the angler.

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Conestoga River

A fairly new tail-water fishery, the Conestoga River is a great river for brown trout to 22 inches. With good access points and plenty of river to fish, the Conestoga is the place for new fly anglers to try their luck. Try the great pike and bass fishing for a change of pace.

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Credit River

The crown jewel of Southern Ontario, the Credit River hosts a prolific invertebrate population that leads to some truly amazing hatches.

Although the Credit has a well earned reputation of being quite challenging at times, the trophy brown trout make it is well worth the effort. Brown trout are the main species targeted in the Credit River, with brook trout also available to the dedicated fly fisher.

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Middle and Lower Grand River

With smallmouth bass, pike, walleye, steelhead, carp and mooneye, this section of the Grand River has it all! The “Special Regulations” water below the 403 is stacked with smallmouth bass in the 14-16 inch class.

The already strong steelhead fishery could become one of the best in Ontario with careful management and continued efforts to improve and enhance the watershed.

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Upper Grand River

A blue ribbon tail water trout stream, the Grand River attracts anglers from all corners of the world to the finest brown trout fishery in Ontario. Brown trout up to 28 inches are possible due to the abundant supply of aquatic and terrestrial food. The average size brown trout is 12-18 inches, with fish in the 20-24 inch class common.

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Humber River

A brown trout fishery in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area. The Humber is a good choice for anglers that have limited time to fish. Steelhead and salmon enter the river in good numbers in the early fall. The Humber has an extended fall season, and is drift boat friendly.

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Maitland River

The most beautiful River in Southwestern Ontario. Ken’s personal favorite steelhead river for two-handed rods, the Maitland is a big river that transports you to the west coast of Canada. The summer months also offer the fly angler some fantastic smallmouth fishing.

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Nottawasaga River

The ”Notty” gets a great run of steelhead, and although the salmon runs has been down in the past few years, swinging big pink flies offers the angler a chance at a 10 lb chrome salmon. Our drift boats get anglers to water not fished regularly by other anglers. Pike and smallmouth angling can be had in the summer months with bass in the 4-5 lbs class possible.

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Sauble River

The warm-water fisher's dream! The upper reaches above the old mill dam hold some great pike and smallmouth fishing. Below the dam, smallmouth are plentiful during the summer months. The occasional brown trout can be caught here, but not worth targeting. The Sauble is also a steelhead river, and well worth a trip when the other rivers are not fishable.

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Beatty Saugeen River

Another river not for the faint of heart. Plenty of logjams and impossible back casts with crystal clear water. Brook, brown and rainbow trout can be found here, and well worth a trip. This is difficult walking and angling with great rewards to the ardent fly-fisher.

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Lower Saugeen River

The drift boat shines in this section of the Saugeen. Smallmouth, largemouth, muskie, steelhead, salmon and some great carp fishing can be had all in a day. The Saugeen River is wider and deeper here, making it difficult to angle from shore. The drift boat gets us to some areas not fished regularly. This section makes a great trip on a hot summer day with varying possibilities.

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Middle Saugeen River

From below Durham to Walkerton, this section of the Saugeen is a mixed bag of mostly brown trout to big smallmouth with a few other surprise species thrown in. We have had clients casting hexagenia spinners to brown trout with smallmouth bass sipping spinners less than 20 feet away! The occasional rainbow can also be found, although not worth specifically targeting.

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Rocky Saugeen River

The Rocky Saugeen runs right past our back door, so of course we don’t fish it much! A beautiful clear water creek, home to brook and brown trout . The Rocky gets some decent hatches that bring the trout out of hiding. This again is technical fly angling, and a joy to be in this neck of the woods!

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South Saugeen River

The South Saugeen has been a favorite of ours for many years. It’s an early season brook and brown trout fishery with less pressure than some of the other rivers. This is a river that you need to know well to find the spots, and a knowledgeable guide makes all the difference.

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Upper Saugeen River

The Saugeen above Durham is classic brook trout water. Heavily over-grown and full of logjams and undercuts that make for technical fly-fishing. This section of the Saugeen is for the angler that values fishing in beautiful surroundings over nonstop action. While brown trout stocking efforts are improving this section, fish are fewer and smaller but well worth the effort.

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Sydenham River

The Sydenham River is home to brown, brook and rainbow trout. Inglis Falls provides a barrier that keeps the rainbows out of the brook and brown trout water below. Brown trout are regularly caught below the falls. The river above Harrison Park is small, with little pressure after the steelhead leave the river. It’s a great option for anglers looking to try something new!

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Other Options

While we believe in freely sharing information with the angling public, some of the waters we fish need to be protected from heavy angling pressure.

When you Contact Us to book a trip, we can discuss your interests and select the waters that best meet your angling preferences.

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